They say that in real estate the three most important aspects are location, location, location. Whether you’re trying to find your dream home or start a business, where you decide to set up can determine your future. In the case of Evil Genius 2, you have to pick the perfect place to set up your evil lair in order to guarantee a long and prosperous career.

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In true villain famous, your base of operations will be located on an island where you can scheme undisturbed. There are several islands to choose from so make sure you pick the one that’s right for you.

The Types Of Islands

Building On An Island

There’s no shortage of islands in the big blue, but not all of them are suited to support a center of evil operations. They need to be spacious, have access to resources, and be isolated enough to avoid the eyes of justice. Evil Genius 2 offers three different islands for you to pick from:

  • Crown Gold: This island is defined by a single towering mountain surrounded by beaches and large rocks in the waters.
  • Montañas Gemelas: This unusual island is made up of two bodies that are connected by a stone bridge, both lush with greenery.
  • Caine Key: A mysterious island with a body of water at its center that is surrounded by rocks, with a mountain at the head of it.

Crown Gold

The Crown Gold Island

Definitely the most straightforward of the islands, it has a solid layout for a quick start. It’s located in a part of the North Atlantic that’s near Africa.


  • A fair amount of starting digging space
  • It has beautiful beaches to keep tourists satisfied
  • It has gold veins that can be tapped for quick financing


  • It’s the smallest island both in terms of building and digging
  • It’s also the most vulnerable island with the lowest threat level being Medium from A.N.V.I.L.

Montañas Gemelas

The Montañas Gemelas Island

This island has two parts connected by a rocky arch which gives it a bit a trickier layout that offers more options. It’s also located near Africa but in the South Atlantic.


  • It has the highest total digging area
  • It has scenic views to draw attention away from your Cover Operation
  • The stone bridge serves as a choking point for effective defense


  • It has the lowest starting dig space
  • It’s fairly vulnerable with two organizations having High threats levels
  • The strange layout can make expansion difficult

Caine Key

The Caine Key Island

This is the closest you’re going to get to having an actual volcano lair with a center serving as a basin and rocky surroundings. It’s positioned in the Indian Ocean somewhere near Australia.


  • There’s no back entrance that Agents can exploit forcing them to go through the front
  • It comes with Helipad at the center which is easily accessible
  • It has the largest starting digging area


  • The layout makes it difficult to build centralized rooms
  • Though it provides the most safety out of all the islands, it’s still highly vulnerable to S.A.B.R.E. and A.N.V.I.L.

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