Kirby and the Forgotten Land is the first game in the series to be given content warnings for "fear".

Despite starring a round pink ball of love, fans of the Kirby series are well-aware that the lore is much deeper than it seems. From a frozen planet that looks suspiciously like our own to bosses that are pure nightmare fuel, Kirby games often get surprisingly dark during the last few hours.

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Still, a little darkness apparently doesn't phase most age rating boards, as every Kirby game has been rated "E for Everyone" and "E10 For Ages 10 And Up" in America, or "3" and "7" in the UK. The only age rating warning that comes with Kirby games is one for "Violence", which makes sense considering how many enemies you're pelting with a massive hammer.


As spotted by Twitter user LuigiBlood, that looks set to change with Kirby and the Forgotten Land, which has been rated by both PEGI and the ESRB. Although the ESRB rating is fairly typical and just says "E10 For Ages 10 And Up", the PEGI rating goes a little bit further, giving the game a "7" age rating and noting that it contains "Violence" and "Fear".

Although this can't yet be seen on PEGI's own website, it can be seen if you view Kirby and the Forgotten Land's official Nintendo page in the UK. This seems to confirm that Kirby will once again feature some dark enemies during its later sections, likely in the form of some twisted boss that screams at the player and somehow represents some dark lore.

This has also caused fans to start speculating on what sort of twist the Forgotten Land might contain. Previous Kirby games have had cute, unassuming characters transform into horrific demons, and the community is starting to speculate that the green mouse creature that is seen with Kirby throughout the trailer might be the one that's apparently going to introduce a new level of fear into the series.

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