As a series, Monster Hunter features an impressively wide range of creatures. From gigantic dragons to electric squirrel wolves, and even mysterious owl-like beasts. And then we have the Neopterons - the bugs.

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One such critter is the Hornetaur, an insect resembling a beetle with the legs of a cricket. These creepy-crawlies are hard to miss, and while they're not exactly a challenge to hunt or ever the main focus of a hunt, they do have some useful material drops. Let's take a look at where you'll find them and what they drop.

Hornetaur Locations And Drops

Monster Hunter World Monsterpedia Hornetaur

In Monster Hunter World, Hornetaurs appear only in the Rotten Vale, specifically areas three and four. You'll usually find them in groups, ready to be hunted for their precious materials.


While defeating Hornetaurs is easy enough, there's a good chance that they'll explode into nothing upon death, meaning you can't carve them up for materials. A guaranteed method for avoiding this is to kill them with Poison Smoke Bombs - this will always leave behind a carcass.

The materials you collect from Hornetaurs will vary depending on the rank of the quest or expedition you're on.

Low Rank High Rank Master Rank
  • Hornetaur Shell
  • Hornetaur Wing
  • Hornetaur Head
  • Monster Fluid
  • Hornetaur Carapace
  • Hornetaur Innerwing
  • Monster Broth
  • Hornetaur Razorwing
  • Monster Essence

Hornetaurs will only drop materials based on the rank you fight them at - you cannot find Hornetaur Heads at High Rank, for example.

TIP: Apart from Poison Smoke Bombs, another way to increase the chances of a Hornetaur's body remaining intact upon death is to equip the Entomologist skill. At level three, the skill will ensure that all small insects you kill leave behind a carvable carcass, though even level one should help your farming efforts enough.

Accessible sources of the Entomologist skill include the Insect Charm, the Specimen Jewel, and some parts of the Bone Armor set.

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