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A concept as old as time itself, the Hunter is a role fulfilled eons before the concept of gaming existed. Despite their pivotal role in humanity's legacy, the Hunter is a fairly recent addition to the usual variety of classes in the RPG universe. The Pathfinder series, which is known for its choice of classes, includes the Hunter among its choices. Those gamers that want to experience the Hunter but aren't prepared to go full table-top can roll the class as part of the Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous video game.

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There are a lot of different incarnations the Hunter can take, making them a fun and interesting class to customize and role-play. Trappers, survivalists, lumberjacks, or hermits are just some of the possible Hunter builds. Creative players can take this even further and make their Hunters focused on a certain enemy, assassins that work in urban environments, or covert spies.


The Hunter - Character Creation

Ability Scores

hunter ability scores
  • Wisdom. Hunters depend on this Ability score for their Nature and Religion lore checks. They have limited spells, although they aren't a casting class they have some healing and support abilities similar to a Cleric or Priest.
  • Dexterity. You might want to opt for a stronger or tougher Hunter depending on the build, but an archer or a sneaky character will prioritize Dexterity.
  • Strength. A Hunter who wants to do more damage with melee weapons will have a stronger Strength score.
  • Constitution. More hit points are always better, and although this isn't one of the Hunter's core Ability Scores it makes sense for this type of class to have a high Constitution.
  • Charisma. Entirely a matter of choice, as an urban assassin build might need to be more likable, but many Hunters spend a lot of time in the wilderness and are known for their indifference to basic hygiene, proper clothing, or even daily eating habits.
  • Intelligence. Some Hunters are smart, but it's not a statistic this class can use unless your Hunter is interested in some kind of Arcane spellcasting or being able to use magical devices.

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Party Roles

archers pathfinder
  • Damage. The Hunter usually takes the role of a pure DPS class, which is one of the reasons they're one of the easier classes to play. This can be either a ranged or melee build, depending on the weapons you choose.
  • Damage and Healing Support. Hunters have some healing and support spells, so they can assist the Clerics, Oracles, or Witches.
  • Damage and Defense Support. If a Hunter has a strong melee build, they can use their DPS powers on the main target while the main defenders are distracting them.

Racial Choices

title Pathfinder 12 races split image kitsune half-orc, dhampir, human, half-elf
  • Aasimar. Known for their Charisma, which Hunters don't need, there are some choices for Aasimar Heritage that include bonuses to Consitution, Wisdom, and Dexterity. They also have some handy spells, so don't discount this race for being too pretty.
  • Dhampir. The role-playing potential is worth it anyway, so it's a bonus that there are plenty of choices of Dhampir Heritage choices that include Strength, Wisdom, and Dexterity.
  • Dwarf. One of the best choices available, Dwarves have bonuses in the right places, Wisdom, and Constitution. However, this race takes a penalty to Constitution so this Hunter would be of the less likable sort.
  • Elf. The Dexterity bonus is useful, but the Intelligence bonus and Constitution penalty aren't as useful. This Hunter could specialize in archery and have more Arcane talents.
  • Gnome. A penalty to Strength and bonuses to Charisma and Consitution make this a feasible but mediocre choice.
  • Half-Elf. Add a +2 to any Ability Score when starting a Hunter with this race, and other abilities like Keen Senses and better resistance to enchantment school spells make a Half-Elf one of the best choices.
  • Half-Orc. Another ideal choice, this race also gets a +2 bonus to any Ability Score you want, plus handy abilities like Orc Weapon Familiarity and Orc Ferocity.
  • Halfling. The penalty to Strength might not matter depending on the specific build, so the bonuses to Dexterity and Charisma can still work for a Hunter.
  • Human. Another race that gets a +2 to any Ability Score, Humans are also great Hunters because of extra Feats and Skill points.
  • Kitsune. Any variation of a Kitsune is smart, with a high Intelligence, but relatively weak, with a Strength penalty. They make better Wizards than Hunters.
  • Oread. The general Oread and the Ironsoul Heritage both include bonuses to Strength, Wisdom, and Constitution, but avoid the Gemsoul which has a penalty to Wisdom.
  • Tiefling. With eleven Heritage choices available, there are several Tieflings that make ideal Hunters. There are even a few choices that have an innate knowledge of defensive or crowd-control spells.

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The Hunter Subclasses

hunter subclasses Pathfinder WotR character creation screen
  • Colluding Scoundrel. A social Hunter, this archetype is one for espionage and trickery, seeking out information and secrets in the court or village as opposed to tracking in the wild. Does not have Animal Focus.
  • Divine Hound. A dedicated member of a group, herd, or pack, this Hunter relies more on their companions than other subclasses.
  • Divine Hunter. These Hunters select a Doman as a Cleric does, and serve a deity as opposed to being a simple steward of nature.
  • Forester. This is the archetype for Hunters dedicated to a specific terrain and their chosen environment doesn't have to be a woodland one. These Hunters are also Mountaineers, Beachcombers, or Dunestriders.
  • Urban Hunter. This is the Hunter that lives and works in the city. They search for lost children, collect bounties for criminals, or help find the victims of earthquakes or mudslides.
  • Wandering Marksman. The best choice for a player that wants the Hunter with a dedicated animal companion, this Hunter strikes from a distance while their pet distracts the target.

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Prestige Classes And Multi-Classing Options


Regular Classes

  • Barbarian. The limited AC and the high Strength score are two things these classes have in common already. Multiclass with a Barbarian to get some Rage powers, a great combination for a melee damage build.
  • Cleric. Both classes have a high Wisdom, and there are some great Divine spells in the Cleric spellbook that will be very useful against the demons in Pathfinder: WotR.
  • Druid. Another Wisdom-based class, this combination almost makes too much sense. It's a nice way to give a Hunter more powerful healing abilities and other skills like shapeshifting.
  • Fighter. This combination works well with any class and can give the Hunter extra weapon skills and a better AC rating. A Hunter casts Divine spells, so don't worry about the chance of Arcane spell failure.
  • Inquisitor. A class unique to Pathfinder, the Inquisitor is something like a Cleric and also Wisdom based, but much more zealous. A Hunter with more strict spiritual beliefs might combine with this unique class just for the role-play value.
  • Kineticist. The Psychokinesticst, one of the Kinetcists subclasses, uses Wisdom if you're serious about giving your Hunter more melee damage abilities.
  • Monk. This class also focuses on Dexterity and Wisdom, and they have some handy abilities when it comes to armor spells, self-healing, and ranged damage builds.
  • Rogue. Better for a Hunter with a high Dexterity score, it's always great to be able to disarm traps and pick locks.
  • Shaman. A natural choice if your Hunter wants more spell-power for elemental damage as opposed to healing.
  • Warpriest. Think of a Cleric, but one that's dedicated to damage as opposed to healing. This is another good choice for a religious Hunter.

Prestige Classes

  • Assassin. This makes sense for the Hunter that focuses on their stealth abilities and has an Evil moral alignment.
  • Mystic Theurge. Hunters have some Divine casting powers, which are the basic requirements for this Prestige class. An ideal choice for hunters more dedicated to supporting than damage.
  • Duelist. If your Hunter build includes two weapons or finesse-weapon fighting, this Prestige Class can help to make those skills more effective.
  • Student of War. Hunters with a high Will save and Combat Expertise can become Students of War. This also makes perfect sense from a role-playing point of view since the protagonist of this saga is leading a crusade.
  • Hellknight Signifier. As long as your Hunter is of a Lawful alignment and some Arcane and Divine Knowledge, they can join the spellcasting wing of the Hellknights.
  • Winter Witch. Not just for Witches, Shaman and Hunters have some of the spells that are required for this Prestige Class. Arcane Knowledge, which a Hunter can easily get through a Feat, is also a prerequisite.

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Examples Of Hunter Builds

The Jeremiah Johnson Build

Jeremiah Johnson screenshot
  • Party Role: Damage and Defense Support
  • Ideal Race: Dhampir for melee damage, Half-elf for ranged.
  • Best Subclass: Wandering Marksman, for the animal companion.
  • Important Ability Scores: A Hunter who takes a melee role for this build will need a higher Strength and Consitution along with a strong Wisdom score for some helpful spells. Buff up your Dexterity for a ranged build or one that uses finesse weapons.

Guerrilla Warfare Expert

pathfinder: kingmaker, camp screen. text to left explaining characters roles at camp.
  • Party Role: Damage and Healing Support
  • Ideal Race: Human or Half-orc, for the extra weapon skills and Feats to help customize this role.
  • Best Subclass: Forester, for the knowledge of the terrain, or Divine Hound for the better group management.
  • Important Ability Scores: Wisdom is important to any Hunter build, but more so for this role where casting healing spells is important. Dexterity determines spell hit rating and the character's effectiveness with certain weapons, so it's also crucial.

City Game

Pathfinder Elves Elf Gate Pyramids
via: Paizo
  • Party Role: Damage, with little variation.
  • Ideal Race: Tiefling, for their wide range of choices for buffs depending on the Heritage.
  • Best Subclass: Urban Hunter, since this quarry lives in an urban setting.
  • Important Ability Scores: This Hunter relies more on the ability to stay camouflaged to fool their quarry, so after Wisdom Dexterity is this build's most important Ability Score.

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