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The third major area in Shin Megami Tensei 5 is Chiyoda and there is a noticeable step up in difficulty from Minato or Shinagawa. With stronger enemies, tougher bosses, and a map layout that is significantly more complex, Chiyoda will test you throughout.

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Like with every major area in Shin Megami Tensei 5, Chiyoda is the home to a number of petrified demons called Demon Statues. If you need a quick burst of EXP to help you tackle the game’s challenges, then these are a must-find.

Where To Find Every Demon Statue In Chiyoda

SMT5 Chiyoda Edit showing Demon Statues

There are a total of FOUR Petrified Demon Statues in Chiyoda: Daemon, Fafnir, Kumbhanda, and Loa. Most of them exist off the beaten path, however, with very minimal sleuthing, they can be found.


Where To Find Petrified Daemon

SMT5 Daemon joint image showing map and actual location

Daemon is a pretty easy find. More or less on the main route through Chiyoda, it’s very difficult to miss. You will find the statue on the east side of Ginza after bumping into the Archangel Abdiel.

Where To Find Petrified Fafnir

SMT5 Fafnir joint image showing map and actual location

Fafnir is a bit harder to locate than Daemon, however, due to its size, it shouldn’t be too hard to pinpoint once you are on the right path. Once you have unlocked the Akihabara Leyline, head south and jump down some boxes. Fafnir should be easily spottable to the east.

Where To Find Petrified Kumbhanda

SMT5 Kumnhanda joint image showing map and actual location

Kumbhanda is the trickiest of the four. This is due to the Statue being on a roof of a building with only one way up. In order to find Kumbhanda, you will need to travel to the Akihabara Electric Town Leyline and make your way to the roof to the west. The path up to the roof itself is northeast of the Leyline.

Where To Find Petrified Loa

SMT5 Loa joint image showing map and actual location

Another fairly easy to find Demon Statue. Loa can be found by traveling to the Otemachi Leyline in northeast Chiyoda on Kanda Bridge.

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